I am an employer and I am looking to hire. Can you help?

We definitely can! Check out our employer page for more details.

What are the demographics of your candidates?

Broadly speaking, our candidates are experienced Banking and Finance professionals. They come from investment banks, corporate banks, private banks, asset management firms, private equity across all job functions in the bank including M&A, trading, wealth management, sales, compliance, technology, risk management, operations, to name a few.

What other industries do you cover, aside from Banking and Finance?

Traditionally, banking and finance would typically refer to areas such as private wealth management, investment banking, banking operations, risk management, etc, just to name a few. However, as the industry evolves, other areas which were not typically related to the industry in the past, getting more attention and are seeking candidates from in and out of the industry. Examples would include FinTech, Big Data, etc. As a general rule of thumb, we cover jobs which are related to banking and finance including finance roles in commerce and industry but not outside of that for example, nursing, hospitality, etc.

I only have 1 vacancy to fill. Can I just post a one-off job posting?

Absolutely! We have plenty of packages for all needs including purchasing individual job slots. Check it out here.

I will have plenty of jobs to fill over the next year. Can I purchase job credits in bulk?

Yes! You may purchase multiple jobs at a discount and use the job credits whenever you need to. Unused job credits do not expire.

Can I edit or change my job posting after I have posted the job?

Yes! Our paid job slots are interchangeable. You may edit, delete or even replace the job that you have posted with that particular job slot. However, if you are using the free job slot, it will not be editable or changed.

None of packages are quite what I am looking for. Can I customize the package that I want?

Yes! While we have plenty of packages to suit all needs, please feel free to contact us how we can customize a package for you.

How long are job slots valid for?

Once activated, the job slot will be active for 30 days. Unused job slots do not have any expiry.

Do you have a candidate database that I can access?

Not a moment but we are currently working on a CV database which should be up and running in 2-3 months. Please drop us a line and we will let you know as soon as this becomes available.

Which countries do you cover?

Currently, we cover Singapore and Hong Kong. We have plans to expand the coverage to other Asian countries.